Edit privacy blurs and other new things

I saw “Edit privacy blurs” under “Editing”.
Under “Advanced options”, I never saw “Download lines”.
There now is “Report Image”.
There is a new user interface for Sfm settings.

All that might explain why I cannot see the picture any more while editing the current sequence.
First I thought that it was because of my new and better computer.


same thing is happening to me with pictures not showing in edit mode

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And I have a lot to delete. Every new smartphone model promises better pictures in low light conditions. But still I do not stop long enough when walking or turning with my Samsung S9.

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I have a privacy issue.
How many weeks is it that we cannot see the pictures that we want to delete ?
We don’t even know if Mapillary is aware of the problem.

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I removed blur spots from one of my photos; after a day, no changes occurred.