Feature request: "clear all sequence" in blur editor

Please provide a command to clear all automatic blurs from a whole sequence with a single click.

I often shot in the sticks, without meeting humans nor vehicles for hours. Furthermore, I only upload sequences after having reviewed every single image, and taken note of any necessary blur. I know beforehand when a sequence needs no blur at all. Clicking the “clear all” button consecutively for hundreds of times, just to get rid of unwanted blurs is a chore. Even without considering that there is currently no garantee that the “clear all” command has been accepted an all images (see filed issue https://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_issues/issues/2542).

I understand that you might reluctant to provide a command for a seemingly “blind” unblur of a whole sequence. It might make sense to only offer this possibility to the author of the sequence.


@kaitu thanks for this suggestion as well. We’ll consider it, although as you have pointed out, it does increase the “blind blurs” problem. But I do understand the pain when you want to fix a lot - which is something that we appreciate very much! So it’s definitely worth some thought on how to weigh these things against each other.