Feature request: "clear all + submit" function in blur editor

I sometimes encounter images, usually featuring text boards, with dozens of automatic blurs which need to be cleared. That’s easy with the “clear all” button.

The problem arise when, besided clearing all the automatic blurs, I also need to submit blurs for undetected features. If I apply the “clear all” command, this locks the image, and I cannot proceed to apply the blurs which are otherwise necessary. If I want to use the “submit” command to apply the necessary blurs, I also need to manually, painstakingly, clear each and every of the automatic blurs. A single button to apply both actions would be very handy.

Alternatively, you might immediately unlock the image for further blur editing to the users qualified for auto approval of blur edits.


@kaitu this is great input! I’ll share it with the team for improvements of the blur editor. Thanks!