Userscript for more keybindings on the website

I created a userscript for keybindings in the blur editor and in the verificator:
How to install:

Added shortcuts:

  • Verificator

    • Up Arrow --> Accept
    • Down Arrow --> Decline
    • Right Arrow --> Skip
    • Left Arrow --> Back
  • Blur Editor

    • s --> Next Image
    • p --> Previous Image
    • s --> Submit changes
    • c --> Clear all blurs without submitting

Like the ‘Clear all blurrs without submitting’ option : find that information panels may contain dozens of blurred words, which can be unblurred, but that I also want to blur one or two items - perhaps a face in the background : it would be nice to wipe the pic clean, then add what needs to be blurred in one go.

Yep, the 'Clear all blurrs without submitting’ option sounds like a good work around to a feature I had requested to the team, to no avail so far:

It doesn’t work at all for me using Tapermonkey on Firefox 57. Currently, I use a simple AutoHotkey script on blur editor.

Also doesn’t work on my Chrome Tapermonkey…

Didn’t work for me either, but open the script in Tampermonkey. Go to settings, and switch on every compatibility setting for GM/FF. Not sure which one was needed, but it works now.

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Found them settings, turned all on, and it works now. Nice, especially the “clear all without submitting”.

Forgot to say thank you for the script. Very useful and the “delete all without submitting” comes very handy.