Camera model information on the website


Sometimes, when I see an image on the Mapillary website, I’d like to know which camera was used to capture it.
Am i the only one with this feature request ?


I do sometimes wonder that. Shouldn’t really be hard to implement, but there are probably more pressing issues with the website.
If Mapillary preserved exif you could potentially get the original file

When you download an image, there is no exif metadata left.

Maybe, it could be optional for uploader to allow sharing such information.

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Mapillary does preserve the original uploaded files, but only the uploader can download those. Other people can only download a photo that is reduced in resolution and has all metadata removed.

Some people would consider showing camera information a security risk. For example that everybody can see they walk around with the newest iPhone Xs Max Gold. Which would mean there is need for a setting to choose sharing, which means a change in the UI, etc. All of which needs to be developed.