Browsing for photos

I’ve been wondering if there is a way to browse photos in gallery style? I’m trying to look for photos that are potential useful, but browsing through the map, one photo each time, is tedious.


There is no such feature. But anybody with some programming skills can make it using the API: .

@GOwin I just made a rough version of such a browser at
The code is available on .

You put in a sequence ID and will see all images in that sequence. You can select image size and choose to fit images to the width of the browser window.


cool hack @tryl

I’ll put it a feature I wish to see in a browser like this: Given a spot, I’d like to see all the available photos in gallery mode.

That is possible @GOwin. I have another script where I would like to do the same thing, so I’ll try to make it.

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@GOwin Mapillary browser is now updated on and on Github.
Images are not loaded until they are nedded (saves on Mapillarys bandwidth)
You can select an area and have sequences form that shown (please read the notes on the page)

It is still very rough, but it will get prettier.


NIce! Looking forward to a prettier UI, but right now, it’s spartan and functional. And that’s alright with me.

The UI is now prettier :smile:


It’s a really neat and cool tool @tryl!