Sneak peek: Save favorites, tags, slideshow - all with Mapillary images

For a long time I have been working to expand my “Mapillary browser”, which lets you see a lot of images on a single page.
When you login with your Mapillary account you can:
Add image to you favorites (heard), up or down vote.
If you enable the tag box on the options page*, you can see and add tags to images like in OSM.
You can search for images based on tags.

You can see your own lists - and there are global lists that shows all images which has been favored, up or down voted.

Try it all at

Bonus: displays a slide show made of the list of all images on peopls favorite list.

Whats next: First iron out a lot of stuff and fix a lot of bugs. Next probably implement my image editor so you can enhance images and save the result.
Whats after next: Create your own lists, make it easy to make slide shows, stories, have all APIs return geojson, use tags to classify images in an easy way.

Want to help? It is open source at . In staging you are looking at the tagsandlists branch. You can also just see how you can do stuff. It is 100% Mapillary V3 API and uses their login system.

* Bug: Every time the page changes you must unselect and select it again as the tag boxes are not yet populated automatically.

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Looks really good! I’ve also been considering building some tools on top of Mapillary, this is good inspiration.