Negotiating Through Lots Of Photos in Small Space

I have no good ideas for exactly what and how to do it. I feel like one of the missing pieces is to be able to drill down at lower level with these photos and move through them.

It may not be an important mapping feature. It may just be the sight-seer in me. I’d like to be able to more easily negotiate through these photos like the ones at Look Rock ( Blount County, TN ) below.

One can image with time and user some spots like the Empire State Building or that one spot near the parking lot at Yosemite National Park have a lot of great photos all taken really, really, really close to each other.

Like anywhere in Knoxville? :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t tell if it’s my computer or the server or what, but I’ve never been able to load any photos in Knoxville for the sheer quantity.

I would like to have a similar feature, but for different purpose. In my area we have many locations with a multitude of Mapillary races and hence photos, that are difficult to tear apart. I would content myself with the possibility to simply visualize, as small icons, all photos in a small user-selectable rectangular part of the map.


@voschix I would love to hear in more detail what you have in mind! What do you feel is lacking when you just zoom in to the max?

In my city there are places where many Mapillary traces pass. I want to use Mapillary photos to document (in this case cycling-related) problems.
Therefore I would like to visually inspect and compare quickly all available photos in a small area.
At present I can only zoom to the max level and then hover the cursor over each picture position to see a thumbnail of it.
What I would like is a feature to either

  • visualize, as reasonably sized thumbnails, all pictures in a box that I draw on the map
  • download all pictures in such a box
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you can use the tool to look all images in a bounding box. But no download.

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@voschix thanks for explaining further! I will make note of this.

@micmin1972 Thanks for pointing this out, but I can’t get it to work.

this wasnt really a problem in photosynth as it showed all images in the area in one view:

you could probably just keep the current mapillary viewer as it is but instead of having the other photos show up, just have white lines show their position when you hover your mouse over the screen, something similar to this