Download Mapilarry images with API v4


I’m using python. Given coordinates, I’d like to download the nearest image from Mapilarry. How do I do this?



Exactly the question I’m looking for an answer for.
Surprised the document has nothing for it.

@LiamMacLean Here is a good way to get images in a bounding box, which you can adapt to do a distance search. We may have some new tools soon to make this even easier in Python.

@chrisbeddow I think that script only download the metadata, not the images itself. Perhaps we can download images using its id?

This script will get the JPGs for you: Download Mapillary images a JPGs · GitHub

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Thank you! I’ve been looking for this.

Is there a way to download GPS position of the single images and the track (GPX, maybe JSON) ?

You can download tiles with image locations and ids as geoJSON from mly1_public layer.

This is how I have done it - random-mapillary-stuff/ at master · taneljairus/random-mapillary-stuff · GitHub

Thanks. I will try it !

Hey @chrisbeddow – any plans to expose raw (unprocessed) URL to the owner for download? Seems this has been removed from the response when querying sequences from authenticated owner (only processed image links).

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I noticed the option to download the raw copy has been removed from the UI too.


No explicit plan for this right now, but it’s good that you ask so I can mark this as a request. Can you remind me how exactly you use this?


Hey @chrisbeddow the use case would be backup. Sometimes I don’t have the photos locally available, and access to a Mapillary copy of the original is a nice to have for me. For me, it’s low priority (just something I noticed missing, really).

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