Download Mapilarry images with API v4

@chrisbeddow Is there a way to get the actual full resolution image file?
Currently the max res is thumb_2048_url but as it says, that’s a thumbnail, not the actual full res image.
(I’m not asking for the unblurred original upload, because that of course doesn’t exist on the Mapillary servers) But just the actual full resolution images

@Thibaultmol I have had success downloading 4032 x 3024 images. I query the api like this (substituting in a token generated with your user account):[TOKEN]&fields=thumb_original_url,computed_geometry,captured_at,computed_compass_angle

Which results in:

   "thumb_original_url": "",
   "computed_geometry": {
      "type": "Point",
      "coordinates": [
   "captured_at": 1482076899255,
   "computed_compass_angle": 169.20261201305,
   "id": "885713975611091"

Then you can copy ‘thumb_original_url’ and download from there. From what I can tell, these urls are generated on a temporary basis, because I had initially tried bookmarking them, and they stopped working later on. So it makes sense to download them right away and/or save the query string so you can regenerate new URLs later.


Is there a way to download aerial images using the API? I did not find anything documented about that.

I do not think so. Unless the aerial images are uploaded to Mapillary, but they should not be. The satellite imagery shown on Mapillary as a background would not be for download.

Maybe check out

Is there a way to download only the images where traffic signs appear?