[API v4] Getting metadata from image key

Hi everyone,

I’d like to get geometry/coordinate data from Mapillary published datasets, and stuck in trying to get image_id from image_key that are available as the image filenames in the dataset.

example image_key: MJC_Wgy-JDHySEKzexoiOQ

If i request directly to graph.mapillary.com/MJC_Wgy-JDHySEKzexoiOQ i will get an error that the image does not exist.

But if i try to see it on the web through https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/MJC_Wgy-JDHySEKzexoiOQ, it is successful and reveals that the image_id is 203491838251994. I inspected the request and the Mapillary app backend redirects from image_key to image_id.

Is it possible to get the image_id in bulk, or to get the metadata directly using the image_key?


You can get the image ids from vector tiles. Relevant topic here: Download Mapilarry images with API v4

Thank you for your guidance, but I’m afraid it’s about a different topic. I don’t have vector tiles, I have images from the Mapillary Traffic Sign Dataset, in which there are images with image_key as their filename. I want to get the geographic metadata of where the image is captured through the Mapillary API, but I need to get an image_id from the image_key.

Seems like this has been unsolved since last year: Retrieve images by old image keys