Bad GPS fix sequence gaps

Lately, I am seeing the “Bad GPS fix” notice more often even in an open space without high-rise buildings. The capture buttons become inactive.

And this is a real pain. Can at least the manual button be operational if a user wants to take pictures to fill in the GPS data later?

I would really like to have an option to be able to continue to take pictures when the GPS signal is not good enough. I would rather have to correct the GPS position later than not have pictures at all.

Sequence gaps that cannot be filled later because the pictures have not been taken:

What’s interesting, in some cases, there are multiple stacked images with the same GPS coordinates which can be moved around later to fill in the gaps. And this is a good option to tag images with the last or the next known position if the exact position is not accurate enough.

The other option when the GPS signal is lost would be to switch to the time-based capture instead. Maybe create an option for advanced users who can later correct the GPS data.

Lately, I have also been experiencing a more serious problem. When I’m entering a tunnel, I see the “Bad GPS fix” notice most of the time. But now it doesn’t go away when I’m out of the tunnel. So it never starts capturing again and the buttons are inactive. I have to exit the capture mode and start again for the “Bad GPS fix” notice to go away. It is really inconvenient (and even unsafe) while driving. I don’t want to deal with capturing problems when I have to pay attention to the road.