Android app 3.121 error - bad GPS fix all the time!


I am testing android app 3.121 on my Pixel XL and it takes about 50 images then stops due to bad GPS fix, but the GPS has been fine in these locations in the past.

Any ideas?



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I’ve had simmilar issues for the last 6 months. I mostly use action cameras, so it have not been a huge issue for me.

@adam Please send us the logs when this is happening.


is this an android issue or a Mapillary issue? I would also like to know why my phone can no longer reliably take GPS photos

Yes I’ve experienced it too.

It even sometimes said on the display that the accuracy is too low with currently 10-15m because I needed <25m accuracy, which I obviously had. Very strange.

In the developer settings of the Mapillary app I’ve activated “relaxed accuracy limits”. That works for me now, and I haven’t noticed pictures getting rejected because of too bad accuracy yet.

Now it only stops recording if I have a really bad accuracy or no GPS reception at all, which only happens rarely (in tunnels etc)

Thanks for the tip, cageythree, I tested it again yesterday and still getting a lot of ‘bad GPS fix’ messages in places with good GPS signal. So I have also ticked ‘relaxed accuracy limits’ and now able to capture again!

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I used to have problems like this a lot. They made some fixes in the 3.11x generation that fixed it very well for me. I’m surprised to hear that someone is experiencing it with 3.121.

I haven’t checked if it has changed, I simply left the option on since then. Maybe it’s fixed, I’ll check that the next time I’m recording again.

Another tip by the way is to run Google maps “Driving mode” and running it in the background. For some reason this helped my accuracy in most other apps a lot, even if they also use Google’s location services.