Android version 3.72 Beta no GPS?

The application does not make photos in automatic mode due to “No location, make sure GPS is available”.
The indication for location has become green, and when the sound button is used (manual mode) a photo is made, together with location data.
Do I miss something, or is the app not doing what it should do?

@AdVerburg Let me see if I got this right: the app can’t get a GPS fix and therefore won’t take photos in the automatic mode, but if you switch to manual mode, you can get a GPS fix and take photos?
Could you please write to us about this issue on

My problem is that I get a bad fix message and the application crash very often so I need to stop the car and them restart the application. The other issue is that suddenly the app to not record several meters and them restart taking pictures again quite randomly

@Jjiglesias Can you please email us to about this and also include information about which device and OS you have, and which Mapillary app version? Also, please go to Settings > Developer and tick the box for “Save debug logs to file”.

Then, from the same, check if Use Google Mobile Services is turned on? If it’s on, please turn it off and check if you get the same behaviour when trying to capture. If it’s off, turn it on please and check the behaviour. After trying this out, please also send us the log file.

This would be much appreciated so we can look into this case!

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