Feature request: Continue creating pictures even if GPS is red

I understand and agree that the app should stop creating pics when GPS turns red.

However, there are situations, when the app could be smarter about it.

This is the case I have in mind:

I start auto-capturing while driving my car or on a train. The app start capturing and has about 10 pics that are a nice clear line to each other. In those cases the app could also know that those are “on” a street or train track. All those information give a clear indicator, that the capturing will probably continue on this road/line.
So once the GPS turns red, the app could continue to capture images, but mark them as “gps unknown/bad”. After a few meters, the GPS will turn orange/green again, so the app can extrapolate the line between the last picture taken and the current. And then adjust the pics with bad GPS accordingly. On a straight line … or maybe matched to the road/track that the user is on.

There will probably be break-points like “phone is taking a turn right/lift” or “phone moved more that 500 meters without gps”; all those should cancel this feature and just fall back to not taking pics at all.

I know this is quite a complex thing to develop. But maybe you can have your analysts check of often the app stops capturing in situations that could be improved by the szenario above.

Another reason for this feature is, that those “no gps” situations are often related to an area (where there is a large house or wall or …), so not one but all Mapillary user will be unable to take pictures. So without this feature, this area will never be captures.

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