Android version 3.93 Beta

I would like to know, if I’m the only one with this 4 problems (driving with automatic capture mode):

A - Recurrently the app freezes, stops showing live camera, doesn’t respond to touch and stops taking pictures for some minutes, then it returns to work automatically (we lose several kilometers of mapping, due to this bug)

B - Several times stops working and shows this message “The location recording has not yet started

C - Some times it also stops and shows messages like this “Starting new sequence, 190.17945354494867m gap detected

D - Some times when I’m stopped in a red light, the camera keeps on taking pics, even when I’m stopped. Once I counted that it took 10 pics, when I was waiting to move.

PS: I use a Huawei P8


C is not a bug. It just detects a big gap between two pictures and start a new track. You can change the limit for this in the settings.
It looks like some issues with gps for your huawei P8. Already restarted the whole mobile?
Also excluded google gps provider already (aka only pure GPS, no WiFi information for location in use)?