Beta 331 for Android: capturing even when stopped

I’m using beta app version 3.31, and even if I’m using distance based capturing every 20m the shot doesn’t interrupt even when I’m stopped.

Anyone running in the same problem?

I’m using Xiaomi Mi5

@maxxer Can you try updating the app? We have a newer version now, would be great to know if it causes you the same trouble.

It has been reported by someone else too on GitHub, issue 2485.

I tried yesterday with 332 and behaves the same.

@maxxer Thanks for checking! We’ll investigate.

If you are interested in alpha testing the new fixes, please let me know and I’ll send you the link to download the update.

Tested 333 today and now works! thanks!!

Out of curiosity, are GitHub issues taken into consideration?

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Yes. Just recently we’ve been working on our processes and fallen a bit behind there with active responses, but we’re figuring out the best way for us to consider as much feedback as possible in a manner that leaves time to also work with and implement that feedback.

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