GoPro app integration buggy?

Despite the miserable weather I decided to at least do some capturing after hauling 5 cameras, albeit with one.
Mounted in the car (humidity and suction cups are a meh pair), I first paired the camera with the app via BT (seems to be the preferred way), and then connected via wifi. So far so good.
However, after pausing and later restarting a sequence the camera stopped making beep sounds on capture. The preview was also constantly gray, although the app was showing image nodes being captured. It looks like nothing was in fact captured. Upon closing the app and trying to reconnect I noticed that the camera was no longer discoverable, and had to restart it.
Has anyone else had similar experience? Is it the app that is failing to keep the gopro from disconnecting (they mention gopro integration not being tested since gopro hero 4 in the KB)? Or is it the GoPro that loses the connection? Or could be my phone…

UPD: huh, just reviewed the images in more detail and looks like the camera stopped capturing even earlier than I initially thought. Quite disappointing. Don’t think it’s overheating since the battery was out

I just did two hours and the app was showing capturing (numbers captured increasing etc). 4000 images, stopped, then another 2000 images. Got home and hooked up to computer and only 1 image!

GoPro 7 Black and latest version of app - something very weird is going on.

In the Mapillary app - head to settings, help - it appears you may need to run the GoPro app at the same time. I just did a test and this worked BUT it changed all my capture times to UTC not local. Also you cant capture at 0.5 sec in the Mapillary app (latest version) as it just wont stick - one second only. In the GoPro app you can capture at 0.5 sec.

It would be great if the notes were updated.

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Ugh, yeah, for something they are giving away through the camera grant you’d hope it was more reliable.
I did keep the GoPro app running in my initial run, but it looks like it disconnects when backgrounded after some time.
Looks like the only reliable way to tell if it’s capturing is listen out for the beeps or looks at the screen of the camera

I am also wondering if you need to add the wifi password in the app, despite it only mentioning GoPro Hero 3. That’s my next troubleshooting.

Yep, I was thinking of using the camera stand-alone after flashing it with the Hero5 firmware and unlocking GPS. Interestingly, the connection seems a lot more stable now, the app recognizes the camera as a Hero5 (it didn’t with the Hero2018 fw) and generally works a bit better.
I still had hiccups where I was switching between auto and manual mode, but will try to see if it continues to work. Can always switch to standalone I guess

Latest test -

  • added password for GoPro7 into the Mapillary app.

  • Made time interval in the Mapillary app to 0.5 sec and then Done (doesnt get saved as 0.5 but appears to accept this. GoPro set to time interval 0.5 as default anyway in the camera)

  • Start and stop the app a few times on a road run

  • All works perfectly BUT the times on the images are wrong - they are all in UTC, not local time.

Closer but not quite perfect yet. I will keep posting results and try to get help instructions in app updated.