No GPS with GoPro 7 Black and TimeLapse


Is there anyone who has encountered the same problem with the GP7 and time-lapse functionality, that all the images are missing a GPS tag?

The GoPro-support was not really supporting, that’s why I call you for help!


oh yea, same with mine. i havnt been checking lately since i use the mapillary tools to to correct the angle anyway.

the gps is on though so i dont know why theyre not being added. i thought i remembered when i got the gopro first and did a timelapse that the location was on the photos, but maybe im imagining it now

Thanks for the answer. okay the same for me, with the GoPro 5 everything worked smoothly but now no location information is added…

@canadarunner @dave683: @chrisbeddow was using GoPro for collecting imageries, he might have some opinion on this issue.

I have gp7 and have no problems with gps. Is it (gps) enabled in regional settings?

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I only had it twice in the six months of intensive use. It was after it had been out of power. Now if that happens is shut down and restart the camera. When the pictures are important I check the GPS icon.

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@canadarunner, Do you use Mapillary Mobile app and add your GoPro 7 as external camera while you are capturing? or do you only use GoPro 7 without Mapillary App?

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