App says "Flow is empty"

For personal reasons I haven’t mapped regulary since July.
In between, I have also replaces my phone (for a one with more memory available for mapping. Yeehaa!)

However, now the app says that my flow is empty.
I mapped a km or so the other day, but it still says that my flow is empty, and my contributions haven’t showed up on the map either.
Today I drove ~30 km or more, but it still says that the flow is empty.

What can be wrong? And should I continue mapping?


I’ve got the same problem and I see in my uploads only a repetition of photos and I don’t receive any emails on my uploads…

Thanks for reporting! I get the same error (i.e. only a few items about blur). I have reported it internally and hopefully it will be fixed within 24 hours, It is safe to continue mapping though!

we have switched to a new version of the Feed, and backported some of the old items so you can see them. @gyllen I guess we need to port more of them.

Also, Android and iOS will be upgraded to the new Feed (with details about feed items etc) very soon, this will then no longer be an issue. @Anders and I are working on that right now.

Do you have any time schedule for when it’s supposed to be fixed?

New feed is out now - what do you think of it?

It’s great, more user friendly and shows what’s going on with my photos.

Whats next? When will I be able to connect my Ricoh Theta SC to the Mapillary Android App?

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@adam Correct! We are going to get a new flow out for tha camera UX. Then next up is 360 support from inside app!

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