App not running in background any more?

It seems to me like new smartphones are not intended to run with screen switched on for long sequences: First GPS starts with problems, then they crash sooner or later.
Earlier versions of the app did let me avoid this issue by running in background, but I think this option is not available any more?

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@moenk, do you mean capture in the background? We don’t support that for privacy reasons. As for upload, it is possible to do in the background, but for now you need to trigger the upload manually. Earlier we had the option in the settings where you could set it to upload in the background without you prompting it. This is still work in progress to see how it would work best.
Which app version do you have right now?

I am very sure that I did this with a previous version, switch phone display off and captured with the shutter sound option on. Now I am using always the latest beta version on Android and when I switch display off to save battery and heat development the capturing stops.

I have the same problems (GPS problem after a long time with display on,…) and thought it was a phone problem. I would like an option for capturing with screen switched off and a loud shutter sound.
I also understand the privacy aspect. But if a shutter sound is played this should not be a problem.

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Interesting idea, I’ll pitch it to the team but no promises on implementing. Just to note, in the long run we want to make the app less “demanding” in terms of energy consumption. As for what was possible in earlier versions of the Android app, maybe I don’t have the most precise information - but @peter or @rsahlin can probably shed more light.

Hi there,
I don’t think we ever allowed Mapillary to run in the background because of privacy reasons. However, we might want to implement the shutter sound/background shooting at a later point.



Ya. I would love to capture in the background. After few months of using Mapillary on my Samsung Galaxy S5, which has an OLED screen, has burn in’s on the screen from the guide lines and stop button from the the capture screen. These can be easily seen if you open and view a blank white webpage or image on the phone.

Ouch! I feel your pain, also having a S5.

I am very sure I did capture on my Moto G3 in background, otherwise it always stopped after about 300 photos. It became too hot and GPS precision not usuable any more for that reason. When I used it in background I was able to avoid this, what I fortunately found out. Also I have a slight idea why it worked on that phone although it was not itended. But I will better not tell you because I now know what to do to try to get it working on my G4.

Oh wow! I would not have imagined something like this! I’d love to laugh about this but I assume it was also quite annoying? Talk about Mapillary branding!

I like to add that there is no need to take photos without letting people know, the purpose of the Mapillary app to take pictures just for mapping and this platform. If somebody want to take photos or videos secretly there are enough “spy camera” apps on the market. So please enable this feature.

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My S7 also has a burnt in screen.

There are also so many problems with the Mapillary app on Android that it would not work while other programs are running.
Mapillary has no good reason to be alone on the screen, except for marketing reasons. They have to have an answer for people who know nothing about the day to day business of capturing images

In my case, I would disguise Mapillary under a dashcam app.
But now privacy prevails above safety.

And one can always disguise with a blackened screen.