App version 3.41 : can not turn off shutter sound?

Today my android phone updated the Mapillary app.

New layout looks fine, but when I tried capturing I hear the shutter sound although in the settings it is switched off.

Using the volume buttons has no impact either, so for me I can not use this version on a bike or in my car. Please fix this annoying bug…

@micmin1972 Sorry to hear that! I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue on my phone but that, of course, doesn’t prove it doesn’t exist.

However, may I ask you to try an uninstall/reinstall of the app? If the problem persists, please send a description of this bug to together with your phone details (model and operation system). Also, would be great to have logs - please turn them on in Settings -> Developer -> Save debug logs, trigger the faulty behaviour and then send the logs from the left-hand menu. Much appreciated!

I have the same problem, with my Android App, I cant stop the shutter sound… :frowning:

and you have also a Huawei. That phone is the reason for the shutter sound issue since version 3.41+ , and why I still use an old version of the app

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@micmin1972 and @filipegraciosa this sounds horribly annoying indeed. Do you think you can save and send us logs from the latest app version (3.95), as described above, together with a comment that it is the shutter sound issue?

Finally I found a solution :smile:

This App Forced MuteMode:Default Camera makes the Mapillary App stop making the annoying shutter sound (works with my Huawei P8)

I have the same super annoying problem with a stock Redmi Note 3 pro. So is not something related only to Huawei… And that happens with the latest update!