Bug report: bad screen layout on Mapillary if PIP is used

Used Nokia 8 running Android 8.1, with Sept 2018 Security Update.

Steps to follow:
Start Google Maps app and navigate to any location
Press Home. The Maps app is running in Picture-In-Picture mode on Home screen. (enabled via App Info page of the Apps in Settings)
Start up Mapillary
Press Capture to start recording.

The Maps is not actually ‘floating’ on top of Mapillary but instead the screen is divided into 2, with the main Mapillary taking around 80% of the screen and the remaining 20% by Google Maps.

As a result, the layout and UI controls in Mapillary are all screwed up. Pressing the record button does work and image capture worked without any issue, but info such as amount of images captured, temperature, amount of space left are completely missing.

See attached.

Not sure if you guys intend to support PIP on Android, but having the ability to turn off Shutter sound on the app, whilst able to hear navigation instructions from Maps app means I can use a single device for driving and Mapillary work.

On iOS however, it’s not possible to turn off shutter sound so had to use the Silent switch on the side of the phone, which also turns off voice instructions from navigation app completely, so I had to use a second device for navigation.