Honor 6 shutter sound

I tried everything to disable the shutter sound on my Honor 6 (disable in the App /silent mode/…) but it doesn’t work.
Having this sound every two seconds on an 8 hour ride makes the app unusable.
I’ve seen a few people having the same problem and they were always told that Mapillary can’t do anything about it but I tried a silent camera app from the Playstore and it works. An app-side solution should be possible.

I hope this would be fix soon.
Thanks for the service and the app


It is not a issue with the app, the app works fine.It is the honor 6 which makes it. Only chance is to cover the speaker.
(I got a Honor 6 and 7 and there is no way to stop that sound).


Maybe using another firmware like Cyanogenmod will fix that. Also I found picture quality improved when using that on other phones.

That would mean rooting the phone and loosing the warranty.

But I can’t understand why it shouldn’t be possible. If the Honor stock camera and other cameras from the store can do photos without sound why shouldn’t mapillary be able to do the same?


rooting a phone does never ever loose the warranty.
Also the shutter sound is a special api call which seems to be not exposed to mapillary (yet).
The OpenCamera does make a sound on every click on my honor 7, too.


Sry I didn’t mean the legally warranty (rooting has no influence) but the guarantee the manufacturer can give you.
This app for example worked without shutter sound.

Opening this issue again. Using Huawei/Honor mobile phones is a pain in mapillary. Standard methods of disabling the shutter sound are not working. Rooting the phone is not the solution due to the warranty and other reasons (like my company phone cannot be rooted, because is not mine).
BUT: silent camera apps from the google market have absolutely no problem to take pictures without a sound. So i hope it shouldnt be a problem for mapillary too.
I can’t take pictures when phone is making noise every second for few hours driving. And it’s also distrubing passengers. And when mapping streets, everybody is looking because of shutter sound.