Capture stop when app is in background

If I receive a call or i.e. Google Maps is in foreground, the capture stop.
I didn’t found a setting in Mapillary App to avoid this.

App version 5.2.1
Android 10
Phone Croscall Core-X4

Hi @pyrog ,

Wouldn’t know the why, can offer an observation : the camera is apparently a very processor intensive app, as find that while smartphone can run like three fitness / tracklogging apps plus a 4G/5G mobile coverage app consecutively, they’re all halted when loading the camera app for just a single still photo.

That’s on an octa-core 5G / GPS+Galileo L1+L5 able Android 11 'phone, but same before upgrade from Android 10.

Would love to engage it, but haven’t yet found a setting to throttle camera’s processing power hunger, will gladly bow to more knowledgeable contributors’ …

Met vriendelijke groet,