A Summary of Recent Updates to Mapillary

@till has summarised recent updates on Mapillary since this summer. In this blogpost, you can find most recent updates on Mapillary Web App, Mobile Apps, Uploading Tools and Mapillary Developer resources.


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@till Thank you for your blog post summarizing technology improvements and what is going on inside Mapillary. I think that many outside observers, like us in the contributor community, really appreciate this insightful piece of news. :+1:
By the way, I really like how you now handle frequently updated tiles by combining streaming and batching. Tiles do not starve anymore because of too much incoming data.

One big feature request of mine, that is what I am waiting for most, is for the Desktop Uploader and/or mapillary_tools to get full proxy support, ideally integrated with the OS. For example, on Linux systems this would mean that the uploaders would properly honor environment variables like ALL_PROXY, NO_PROXY, *_PROXY, and friends. On Windows this would mean to honor the system’s and user’s registry settings. I may not be up to date on this feature, so please let me know if proxy support has already been implemented in the latest releases.


Glad you enjoyed it Gitne!
I have noted proxy support as a feature request to consider. This could be particularly useful for some “enterprise” type users who are more restricted in what they can change.

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