Proxy support for mapillary_tools?

I do quite some mileage locally through work (well, I do normally, but not so much just at the moment…) and have a robust process for extracting geotagged images from my dashcam footage.

Unfortunately, our corporate IT setup includes a proxy server for internet access, and due to this particular setup, does not set the proxy system-wide.

I could use the web uploader, but it would be much more efficient to use the mapinfo_tools utility. Unfortunately, I cannot get it to use the proxy. Would it be possible to add proxy support?

(Alternative suggestions of course welcomed! Windows 10, Powershell or cmd.exe)

It might be worthwhile asking if the corporate IT people would make a host exclusion for you? That was a common request when I was in IT management that only needed coding in the firewall rules.

You’re right, that would be the ‘best’ option, unfortunately they’re not keen to support anything other than software supplied by them. They’re rushed off their feet at the moment too, as everyone’s working from home!