When to upload missing images again?

I just switched from auth’d upload to normal upload of photos with special EXIF for Mapillary with the Python scripts.
After an upload the pictures are on the map after some hours up to some days. Now just ca 1000 of 3000 pictures I uploaded were processed. Is there any point in uploading the missing pictures again or might this produce dupes?

@moenk, When did you upload those 3000 photos? Are they all in the same sequence?

There are many sequences, but this should be some hundred photos: https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/vzWwvGOBZfSV1yr1Q3vbIQ/photo - but there are just 4, some in the beginning and one at the end, you see the jump in position.
I am also wondering why i can see my upload immerdiately when I use auth’d upload, but it takes so long when I add the metadata to the photos and upload the sequenced files.

@moenk I checked the database, there are only 4 images registered in the database. Can you send one image of the same sequence that fails (one other than the 4 on the web) to yubin at mapillary dot com? I will take a look at the exif.

Send you 3 consecutive photos of that sequence by email, EXIF looks fine. Maybe some logging option in the upload.py would be fine, I saw in the code there is prepared a summary also, but don’t remember if there was any option to use that.