What's your vote for the most remote sequence on Mapillary?

What’s your vote for the most remote sequence on Mapillary? @bob3bob3 must definitely be up there. Few people have seen more of Australia than he has.

I’m sure this is not even the most remote sequence of his. Of course you could measure this question in many ways, but curious how people interpret it.


May I compete?

The nearest significant city (Mahajanga) is only 200 km away but with only unpaved roads and two ferries (10 km and 1 km resp.) to cross rivers i.e. one and an half day travel.


Only a single image but abcmaps is quite remote in this instance

Objectively not far from civilisation, but it felt very remote being here: Mapillary

Or this one

But without satellite, it is hard to verify.

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Nice! I wish they captured more haha.

Yuck, to be deleted.

Cool. What took you to Madagascar?

Beautiful part of the world.

Cave exploring:


Now with 124 km of surveyed galleries.

That user has other images from that same highway scattered around the globe. I found one just like it before in Greenland.

The question is : "When will it be possible to delete ? "

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I must say that I felt quite alone in this area…