What's the difference between Published and Uploaded?

Hi all

Can someone explain to me the summary stats showing the no of Published vs no of Uploaded images.

My naive understanding is that immediately after you upload the images, the Uploaded stats should represent how many images you’ve uploaded. Once the images have been processed and cleaned up (i.e. blurring faces and number plates of the cars) they’d be published to the site and the Published figure would indicate how many of your images are actually Live.

But that’s not the case in reality. After I uploaded the images, under the Feed section on the web, it show the images I just uploaded. but the Uploaded section don’t update for ages (days for instance). Shouldn’t that be other way round?

I’m confused.

@laye, maybe I’m misunderstanding you. Where does it show a count of published images? I’m familiar with the upload count. I couldn’t find the published count. Maybe I’m just not understanding correctly?

Hi @allen Thanks for the response. Please see attached 2 screenshots.

In a related question, what are the stages from the moment the photos are uploaded and they appearing on the map: uploaded, processed, published?

I don’t think Mapillary has a strict vocabulary for the different phases in the process. Also, there are additional phases, for example the tiles need to be updated before you can see your sequence on the map. And sometimes I’ve gotten confirmation that a sequence was published, and I can see the tiles are updated, but clicking a photo gives an error message that the photo is not ready yet…

Thanks for your reply, but it would help if Mapillary tells us what is the process chain in getting images appearing on the site from the moment they are uploaded.

I’ve also experienced those errors when I get notifications that my images are published and yet when I go and view on the app, I either don’t see the image or I see the image but not the location, or I see a single image but not the entire sequence (the Backward/Play/Forward) buttons are disabled.

I’d much prefer Mapillary sends the notification ONLY when everything is ‘published’ on the site, so users don’t see none of these errors. I’ve gotten to the point now that when I get a notification on the app, I don’t bother going to check which sequence was published because I know they’re NOT REALLY published and I’m tired of seeing these annoying errors.