Weirdly blurred original images

i’ve seen this type of weird blur in images (not mapillary blurs - blurred original images) from several users.
what is it ? it’s not motion blur - notice how the objects at the same distance & angle are both blurred and sharp, and how the area straight ahead in distance is blurred. it almost looks like a defective camera - except that some images from the same users are ok.
as we don’t see exif tags, i can’t really correlate camera vendors or models, unfortunately (hint, hint - that would be very helpful :slight_smile: )

oh, interesting. right after posting this, stumbled upon this post : Mapillary app too shaky on bike? , which mentioned “rolling shutter”.
now i want to know what device does that even more. exif tags, we want exif tags :slight_smile:

I have two devices that do this: one is billed as an action camera. The other is the camera in my Syma quadcopter. I can get you EXIF tags tonight when I get home to my file archives.

thank you - what’s the vendor of the actionccam ?

I saw on my device very blurred original images. Images are 12mpx, size about 3MB, but image looks like captured with 0.1mpx device. Investigation discovered that this happens then using “Use Camera2 API” setting on.
Right now I don’t have an example of such picture. If someone will need, I will share this one.

@richmondas Are all the images taken with “Use Camera2 API” on blurry? If so, it will be good to have an example photo so we can check?

Sorry for the delayed answer.

With recent mapillary version 2.11 and Camera2 API setting on I could capture only a few photos in manual mode because of error like “could not save image” or something similar or app simply does not capture any photos. app crashes then turning on Camera2 API setting.

bad photo with Camera2 API setting on:

good photo with Camera2 API setting off:

Thanks for the details @richmondas. @rsahlin can you take a look into this?

Hi and thanks for the report!

Yes, that does not look very good does it :smile:
Could you please let me know what focus mode you are using - go into ‘Feed’ - ‘Settings’ and the focus mode is there.
Preferred is ‘Continuous focus for pictures’

Regarding the camera save error, could you please provide a log by doing the following?

  • Enable ‘Write trace logs’ in ‘Settings’ (or if you already have it enabled please press ‘Start new logs’
  • Enter camera and reproduce the steps needed to trigger the error.
  • Go into ‘Feed’ and select ‘Send debug logs’
    This will help me look into the issue.

Best regards


I send debug logs and all info is in this email. Focus mode doesn’t matter. It seems like post-processing problem.
Maybe this issue would be better to continue on github?

I’ve also captured images affected by wobbled/blurred problems. These problem only occours when I’m capturing images on my bike. Because my camera mount on my bike isn’t the best my camera is affected by a lot of vibrations.
A sample image can be found here.

Another (much funnier) “rolling shuter” related effect you can see here (the pole in the front is skewed).

The images were captured by an iPhone 5 but even with my iPhone 6s I’ve captured these problems.

Hi @richmondas,
Good idea, could you open an issue on Github? You can also test if the latest version of the app (2.16), released yesterday, brought any improvements to your problem.

Hi @descilla,
On bike the blurriness problem is very common. We always recommend to ride slowly and not on very bumpy roads but of course we understand that this is not the most fun. :slight_smile: However, when it’s too fast/bumpy then there is also the threat of losing the phone from the holder! So for these kinds of rides an action camera would be a better option, both for safety and also photo quality.


I have created issue #1931 on github for the type of artefact that is not just blurry but clearly some sort of digital processing going wrong.
Same as @richmondas has experienced.

Please use the github issue for further discussions regarding this type of artefacts - but do not include general blurry pictures due to wrong focus or shaking
The information I am looking for is the following:

  • Picture showing the artefact
  • What device you are using, make/model etc
  • A log from the capture (so I can see what the whiteband and exposure settings are) - go into ‘Feed’ - ‘Send debug logs’


even the sequence that was recently featured in a blogpost has these blurred lines - see

I’ve gotten quite a lot of photos blurred in this way lately. I don’t remember having had any before.

I didn’t read the thread (yet) so more commentary later. Just a quick comment for the existence of this issue also with Galaxy S5 (with all focus modes, I think. Might need to check to confirm if need be).

@Richlv @jaakkoh Just wanted to inform that @rsahlin is back from holiday and digging to get to the bottom of this problem now.

Hi @Richlv

From the exif information this picture seems to be taken with iPhone5 - is this correct?

Best regards

hmm, none of those blurred pics are mine and i don’t think i can see exif, so i don’t really know :slight_smile:

Aha, now I understand @Richlv - you were just referring to those pictures :smile:

That type of blurring that is visible in that picture is not the same as the one that you have reported (and I am ivestigating in the github issue)

Best regards