Weirdly blurred original images

add iphone6 to the list of affected devices - here’s a recent picture with that weird horizontal blur :

Hm, I thought this was an Android thing.
^^^ @anders - have you seen this problem affect iOS devices before?

@Richlv To me that looks like rolling shutter blur: The blur or sharp parts occur in waves across the image. This is not a digital issue but due to vibrations. If that is the problem.

yep, rolling shutter it is. extremely visible when trying to make sequences on a bicycle.
need some hi-tech stabilising holder to take useful images :slight_smile:

Stuffed iphone6 in a mapillary bicycle mount on a motorcycle (and applied elastic band liberally). While it did not fall off (yay), vibrations resulted in even more prominent horizontal blur lines. Conclusion - bicycle and motorcycle usage need a good action camera.

You can see the effect here: . I left the images up as they cover areas with very rare or no other images at all.

That is the classic rolling shutter blur (search for rolling shutter on duckduckgo) and is why bike+mobile is usually bad for Mapillary. Action cameras does not use rolling shutter and are much better.

Your images would have been awesome without that blur. If it is safe you can hold the phone in your hand. You may try to fix it on a stick and put the stick in a back pack. You will need a way to make sure it pointes about straight ahead. You body will absorb the small vibrations that causes this. It will not be totally straight, but neither will it mounted on a bike.

Yep, exactly - see the earlier messages in this thread where rolling shutter was identified as the culprit.

Holding a phone in hand… I’ve done that here and there, but doing it for extended periods on a motorcycle in India - even I would die soon :slight_smile:

I’ll consider getting an action cam, although the prices for anything usable are a bit too high for Mapillary usage alone (wouldn’t really have any other use for it).