"Use device compas" option is not working

I found that option “Use device compas” is not working for me. I would like to understand if it is a bug of application or website.
When I select this options then small compas icon appears in the right top corner and the arrow rotates during my turn. So internal compas of my phone is working.
But after upload to Mappliary site photo always has direction 0 (to Nord). Example of image key 21G8S4Tsvt0gptXansbngA (https://www.mapillary.com/app/index/bigmap?mapStyle=osm&pKey=21G8S4Tsvt0gptXansbngA&lat=53.8480605140845&lng=27.43493182910798&z=17&focus=map)

This function is important for me as I prefer to shoot one image for POI description, so using pointing direction as moving direction is not applicable for this case…

Android App version 3.130
Phone Xiaomi Mi Max 2 Android 7.1.1

I do not use it. It takes one click too much.

Hi @filipc!
Thank you for the answer.
Is it possible if you will get picture with enabled “use device compas” option and upload it to check if the option is working for you? Only be sure you point your camera to none Nord direction and you phone has internal compas.

I would not call my answer an answer. I was waiting for my super smartphone to lodge some complaints. But now that I have it, still things do not work 100 %.

I cannot comply immediately to your request as there is no place in the region that I have not pictured yet.
Maybe next week.

This afternoon I will pass south of this cooling tower =

But I do not find a place on the map where it would be visible.
There probably is a tool that shows where it would be possible, but the height is not known.

I was going to make a black picture.