Mapillary app on Andriod devices without internal compas

I find out, that in Google Play store, there will be shown something like “incompatible device” for phones without internal compass. We can always install Mapillary directly from .apk file, but … we did not get any notice that there is an update etc.

My question is: Can Mapillary app detect, that there is no compass, and for example lock option “compass direction lock forward” in driving mode, or even block panorama mode, with i notice, need compass to capture correctly?

This will make compatible device list, much more longer, and - for all Mapillary users, much more availabile.

PS: I already made some about 40k pictures using phone without internal compass - so i think it is worth of consider

Hi Seb,

It’s definitely a good suggestion and something @rsahlin is working on. You can follow the progress here.

Thanks for quick answer, I will stay tuned!

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Once the sequence is uploaded you can also lock forward on the website.