Image direction

Hi to all! I’m newbie here. I have uploaded my first sequences, but have found that the image direction of a lot of images is wrong. Can someone check eg. this sequence [1] and give me some hint on how this can be corrected or at last how to set the app to have this correct? I use last android app v3.67 on a samsung s7 phone (android 7 rooted) mounted in my car. I have already set the app to use old api for the bug with image quality with this phone… Maybe there is a similar bug also for direction data?

Thank you


In the Android app you can set the direction i 2 ways:
Use the phones compass
Select a direction compared to the way you are traveling.

The compass is often not too good and it look like you have that. You may try to calibrate it or download a compass app to see if it is good.
Selecting a direction, usually forward, comapred to your path, is much more stable. That requires that you point the camera in the same way. When it is mounted in a car or on a bike that is often given.

Thank you! I have checked and find that I already use the direction I have travelled and not the compass mode. So why this errors? Anyway I will try the compass mode and report.

@damjang we’ve released a new app version with fixes - could you try 3.86 and see if it improves things? If not, please report in or

I’m having a similar issue with directions on the images I captured with my Nokia 8 (running Android 8.1), see attached.

I’m using the latest app from Play Store (which is v3.129, released on 9 July 2018). This is a lot ‘older’ than version 3.86 that was mentioned in previous posts, from 1 year ago.

Also, I can’t find on the app where I can set the direction to be forward or to use the phone compass.

Looks like, I’m missing something here. Help!

Компас в приложении меня устраивает… Но! После перезапусков приложения способ ориентировки взгляда возвращается по умолчанию “на переднюю стрелку”, не очень приятно каждый раз перенастраивать это.

As it turned out, the compass icon should rotate, along with the device. Not all smartphones are available (in the mapillary application).

compass is pretty much useless for me in a car, to the point of being off by 70-80deg.
sometimes the compass hardware can’t keep up, and sometimes the same issue applies to gps.
e.g. one of the last sequences, Mapillary reports a good fix, I start shooting away, and only on upload notice that the first 10 photos/50m GPS is approximating my position, being off by 15m. It eventually gets more accurate. Not sure if it’s the iOS location stack being terrible again, or Mapillary reporting a good fix to soon. Probably the former

On Google Play the Current Version of Mapillary app is 3.141 !!!

Am I right in thinking that 3.141 is later than 3.86 because it’s more version 3 subversion 86, vs v3 subv 141? So 141 is more than 86. The . does confuse the issue if that’s the case, though.