Upside down images on iOS app


Hi all

I just installed the app on my spare iPhone (iPhone 6) with iOS 11.4 and the latest version of the app from the app store (4.8.18).

I mounted the phone on my windscreen holder with the phone turned sideway to the left (i.e. the Home button is on the right side on landscape mode). On the app screen, I see the road ahead of me in correct orientation.

I started my drive and started the app to start capturing. At the end of the drive, when I opened Uploads page I see that all the images are upside down (i.e. orientated 180 degrees).

I don’t have the problem when I’m using the app on my iPhone X (with same version of app and iOS) with the phone placed in same landscape orientation.



Was this a single occurrence or is this happening all the time? I’ve seen this on iOS6 a few times, but usually that has happened after rotating the phone and has corrected itself shortly afterwards.


This happens all the time on my iPhone6. The view I see on the app screen is the right way round but only when you view the images afterwards in the Uploads pages that you see them upside down.

So now I place the phone the other way round (i.e. the Home button on the left-side) with the app open. What happens is that the UI on the app is upside down, with the red record button on the left of the screen (see photo in the link below). When I capture a sequence that way, I see that the images come out the right way round on the Uploads page.



В Андроид-приложении такое тоже случается. А если задать фиксированный угол взгляда на 45 градусов, то перевернутой может стать вся последовательность.


A surprisingly readable Google translate of the previous post:

In the Android application, this also happens. And if you set a fixed angle of view at 45 degrees, then the whole sequence can become inverted.


I would give a link to such a sequence, but I am in the habit of deleting a marriage.
Understand the translation literally.


Да, сложные вещи лучше писать на родном языке.