Orientation of the displayed image and the recorded images is rotated 180°

I am new to mapillary.
The image is displayed rotated by 180 °. No matter how around I turn the smartphone.
The screenshot is taken in the landscape mode and is also displayed incorrectly 180 °. All recorded sequences are displayed rotated by 180 ° on the smartphone.

What is wrong? How can I fix this?

The Smartphon is an:
bq Aquaris U Plus with Android 7.1.1

What is wrong?


How can I fix this?

See https://github.com/mapillary/mapillary_issues/issues/2732

My english is not good but I believe it is the wrong topic. Platform: Web
My problem is the app! How should I adjust the smartphone when the view is upside down?

There is no vibration. If i turn the Smartphone, the picture turns too.

My apologize, I didn’t understood correctly your problem. I was thinking on the case of some recorded pictures are upside down.

So, when you enter the capture mode, even before starting capture itself, the picture is upside down. Right?

And later when I capture pitctures, the pictures are also upside down.

For information, we’re troubleshooting this in support now. Also, for any rotated sequences on the Mapillary database, please report here if you see any: https://goo.gl/forms/o2nCZrC2KKiezQJz1