Uploader - drag and drop

Dragging and dropping directories does not work any more.
Windows 10, every browser.

It seems that I am the only one, or the only one uploading that way.
The problem started more or less when I tried to upload and parse at the same time. But that worked before. Around that time another obsolete dialog box was added too. I tried and tested a lot.

I’ll finish the coverage of Antwerpen by car + smartphone and a bit by bicyle + action cam. Uploads of only 150 pictures at a time are not feasible.

The other projects with an action cam are on hold.

I’ll email support.

for /r C:\Users\Documents\Cartografie\ActieCarmera\zoMerksemfort %f in (*jpg) do @copy “%f” C:\Users\Documents\Cartografie\ActieCarmera

helps a bit

Drag and drop is not working for me too, still.