Upload trick for manual upload

After uploading more as a million bad pictures with unrecognisable characters from my smartphone, I decided to give my Garmin Virb XE actioncam another trial. It had been resting in the drawer because I have python and xcopy problems and because mly had not come up with an app.
My actioncam makes directories of 150 pictures. So after hours of painstakingly uploading every directory I tried to drag a directory to the mly "Wellcome to the mly uploader " window. That worked, but it made keeping track of the uploaded directories difficult.
Then in the Windows Explorer, I moved two directories to a third directory. I dragged the third directory to the "Wellcome to the mly uploader " window and it uploaded all 318 files.

In the past there was a memory problem and the manual uploader crashed when uploading more as for example 500 pictures. The problem was solved I think, I hope. We will see.


It worked with 1017 pictures. It must be a headdirectory existing solely of subdirectories. There may not be a picture in the headdirectory. Directories are called folders according to the latest fashion.
1017 pictures, that is 20 minutes of pictures.

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