Upload pictures with curl or ftp?

As the upload_with_authentication.py hangs very often after the last picture I think it might be an alternative to fix all pictures with add_mapillary_tag_from_exif.py and upload them without a python script with something more stable. Is there any other tool for linux to do the upload to cloudfront like ftp or curl?

it would probably be easier to poke mapillary guys often enough so that they fix the script :wink:

well, or maybe somebody can rewrite the whole thing in… perl or something

I’m fine with Python, the code is good, there are two main issues:

  1. If sequences get too big because recorded a long time without stop then the sequence splitter crashes with duplicate filenames (the numbering starts with 000 again in the next source directory)
  2. If files are not uploaded (for whatever reason) the uploader waits forever that the queue is finished.
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I love the python scripts which makes it cross-platform. :slight_smile: No issues here.

I also love the concept of a cross-platform uploader, but try it with one sequence over several subdirs with identic filenames in each (happens on a long ride without stopping with a Garmin VIRB). Now I upload just in chunks of 1000 photos max and this workaround is fine for me.