Upload very slow

Today I made my first sequence by car - appr. 40 minutes, more than 1500 pictures. And now I load them up. But upload is slooooooooooooow - less than 2 pictures per minute. That means upload will last 15 or 20 hours! Is upload always so slow or is the server so busy today with other jobs?

hi, I’m experiencing the same problem from Chile. upload speed around 1Mb/s or less.

Upload speed depends on your upload connection (of course). We use a service that is supposed to speed upload up, it should not matter where you are in the world. Do you guy experience slower rates with Mapillary than with other services?

in my case this problem is when uploading files to mapillary only (web or script get same results)

Trying to figure this out. Here is a map of all of the data centers. Do you guys both live far away from these http://turnkeylinux.github.io/aws-datacenters/ ?

I uploading new photos today and I get the top speed in my side. I think the problem is resolved. :smile:

I have to upload one sequence at a time with the iOS app because photos taken using the app are not allowed to use the web uploader. This is due to some people uploading duplicates. Am I the only contributor who wants to be able to store, edit, and upload from a laptop without knowing how to use scripts?
I would like to know how much faster it is to bulk upload with the python script before I learn to use it.
If everything is about the same upload speed/time then I would vote to let us edit and upload one sequence at a time on the uploader.

With usual internet connection (1 MBit/s in upload, 25 MBit in download) the upload of 100 pictures takes about 1 hour. This is not a problem with the software, if I use the app to upload pictures in university or at the airport it will be about one picture per second, each about 3-4 MB in size.