Slow upload speed (Belgium)

Anyone problems with upload speed?
Since 3 days I try to upload my pictures.
Sometimes I get a smal window with decent upload speed.
Anyone experiences extremely slow uploads to mapillary?
My providers speed test (Telenet) is Ok.
Other downoads and uploads seems Ok
Any known problems with mapillary servers?

That’s strange. Are you uploading using the desktop uploader or mapillary_tools or Android app or iOS app? Could you paste results from a ping to Note that Mapillary is hosted on Meta servers and some work/school/government providers might throttle access to Meta/Facebook.

Dear @Mizuna ,

Have just completed (around lunch time) uploading a series of stills (i.e. separate photos, not the result of Mapillary processing a video / time-lapse sequence) with the command line tools, Windows’ Resource Manager indicates an upload speed in line with what is promised in my contract - same provider;

Just a thought (copying @boris) : could it be that whatever tool you’re using now operates at an increased quality setting, resulting in larger files hence taking longer?

I use the desktop uploader.
My last upload before was on Jan 8th.
Last week for 3 days ( Jan 25-26-27th) upload speed was extremely low: like more than 6 hours for 4G.
The problem was not lack of connection but low speed.
I suppose ping is for testing connection.
Other up/downloads I tested were normal during these 3 days: Telenet provider speed test, my newspaper, Onedrive.

Yesterday, Sunday 28th uploading was normal again.
So, I finished the job.