Slow upload speed Australia

I am trying to upload images with the new GoPro (thanks by the way!) on the Desktop uploader for the first time. For some reason, the upload speed is really slow. I left it uploading for eight hours and it only managed to upload about 700 images.

I have tested my upload speed on SpeedTest and other uploading to other websites (e.g. Flickr, YouTube) is alright.

Could be imagining things, but I recall seeing something recently about Mapillary potentially getting some servers in Australia/New Zealand to help with this. Any news on this or tips on improving this issue?


With an upload speed of 10Mbps I get about a 1,000 images an hour using the desktop uploader…if that is helpful?

Are you uploading from the GoPro (via usb) or have you transferred the images to a regular hard drive?

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Yep, uploading from the usual hard drive with my images. I can upload about twice the number of images to Flickr as I can to Mapillary. I guess I’ll just stick it out for now (and until NBN comes along…) but just wondering if there were any plans to have servers closer to Australia.

As a guide, I can upload 10,000-15,000 1MB (standard BlackVue) images in about 4 hours using mapillary_tools from a Telstra NBN (fibre) service in Armidale NSW. Thread crashes do require a restart every 5,000 images or so.

There are plans for this yes. Let me check what the status is.

I’ve moved to a house without NBN and I feel your pain.

Ok so update: This is something we are actively working on as part of improvements to the whole upload process. Expect upload performance improvements later this quarter.

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Hello, new here and also from Australia.

I’ve been using the desktop application on the Mac to upload from the GoPro, once I’ve moved the images from the SD card to the hard drive first, and it’s extremely slow for me also.

I have a a decent fibre connection and my upload speed is on average 4.5 MB/s, but the uploads to Mapillary are very slow.


Yep, uploading is the slowest part of the process. If I go out for a day in a vehicle it will take me two days + to upload the images on a 10Mb connection

@tastrax Just for my interest. I note you are using a Hero Black with 4000x3000 pixels. What filesize per image are you averaging? (I have 4K 3840x2160 and get 600-900kbytes per.)

Usually around 2 - 2.3MB per image @bob3bob3

@tastrax Wow! Your images look really good. Mine may be compressing “better” from the mp4 conversion glugginess. (BlackVue) In pixel terms yours would be 50% odd more than mine. I jpeg quality compress to 85%. Tnxs for info.