Slow upload speed Australia

I am trying to upload images with the new GoPro (thanks by the way!) on the Desktop uploader for the first time. For some reason, the upload speed is really slow. I left it uploading for eight hours and it only managed to upload about 700 images.

I have tested my upload speed on SpeedTest and other uploading to other websites (e.g. Flickr, YouTube) is alright.

Could be imagining things, but I recall seeing something recently about Mapillary potentially getting some servers in Australia/New Zealand to help with this. Any news on this or tips on improving this issue?


With an upload speed of 10Mbps I get about a 1,000 images an hour using the desktop uploader…if that is helpful?

Are you uploading from the GoPro (via usb) or have you transferred the images to a regular hard drive?

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Yep, uploading from the usual hard drive with my images. I can upload about twice the number of images to Flickr as I can to Mapillary. I guess I’ll just stick it out for now (and until NBN comes along…) but just wondering if there were any plans to have servers closer to Australia.

As a guide, I can upload 10,000-15,000 1MB (standard BlackVue) images in about 4 hours using mapillary_tools from a Telstra NBN (fibre) service in Armidale NSW. Thread crashes do require a restart every 5,000 images or so.

There plans for this yes. Let me check what the status is.

I’ve moved to a house without NBN and I feel your pain.

Ok so update: This is something we are actively working on as part of improvements to the whole upload process. Expect upload performance improvements later this quarter.

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