Unusual sightings in Mapillary photos


Election season is becoming a busy time of year for real estate agents :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


(Edited to add: it’s the yellow advertising sign to the right)


In the Atlanta area, “ladder in the roadway” is a frequent occurrence. We hear traffic reporters on the radio announce them all the time.


Whaaaaat? :smiley: Why would this happen so often?


Someone at this liquor store thinks he’s a comedian. :stuck_out_tongue:




Hahaha I actually laughed. Not sure it was at the joke though. More like at the joker :smiley:


Little bit of local flooding after some rain yet blue sky.

Police pulling over a classic car probably just to have a look at it.


Christmas is almost over…but not yet in this small French town

This town La Romagne has won some prizes for nicest illuminated town in France


I passed a Polaris Slingshot and had to turn around to get a better look/more photos: https://www.mapillary.com/app/?lat=29.649223196444346&lng=-82.36044451002381&z=17&pKey=XDm-lM07R_0qm5OPJ4JXzw&focus=photo

A couple of days ago I passed this nice Lambo, in the rich-foreign-students-whose-parents-buy-them-nice-things neighborhood: https://www.mapillary.com/app/?lat=40.78666717285727&lng=-77.89584185629745&z=17&pKey=qFQnRWep9BVEb4x7yFVbdA&focus=phot

I also accidentally took this rather hard route during the same sequence:




tilts head to the left


tilts head to the right

HOW. THE. FLURK. did she get into a front-end collision with no other vehicle around???



A wild animal perhaps?


One of my first thoughts was that she might have hit a deer, which isn’t unheard of. However, I didn’t see any signs of a carcass or blood. I don’t think enough time had passed for anyone to show up to haul away the body–the fire truck was already there simply because the station isn’t too far away. The sheriff hadn’t even arrived yet when I drove by. I suppose it’s possible that the animal (deer?) survived the impact and had run or limped away, which does sometimes happen, but from the damage to her car, it must’ve been a large one.


Google Street View car in the wild!


On my race bikes/speed bikes we pass/ overtake a female horse rider riding on a parallel track.


A few moments later she overtakes us saying “my horse does not like to be overtaken. It can run fast… over 60 km/h”


Completely surprised we decide to speed up a little till we are ready to overtake again.


She then decided it is time to realy speed things up and put on the turbo. My guess is that this horse realy can do 60 km/h… we loose :smile:



Are horses like dogs these days ? Do they have the final word ?


@peewee32 that’s a good story :smiley:


Just part of a highway that’s nice to drive. The tree canopy is really nice. Unfortunately, the sequences don’t do it justice.



More humor from the drunk at the liquor store:



Haha :joy:

Time travel is already working, make sure to keep an eye on and add new! :wink: https://www.mapillary.com/app/time-travel?focus=photo&pKey=h6aOFZL8wTzgep2XJlKRXQ&lat=33.96936231130121&lng=-84.488959878125&z=1.5&cKey=3UTT7w0WTCSqwjsuvzQp2A


Deer is a good guess. But like @JackTheRipper pointed out, it doesn’t seem like there’s a dead deer around. Plus, from the pics it looks like maybe both windows are busted out. Did she have an engine fire?


For the Futurama fans, Bender