Unusual sightings in Mapillary photos


@allen No sign of a fire. You can’t see it well in the pics because I was approaching from the rear, but her front end was smashed in.


reindeers blocking my direction and tourists the other


Haha this is super good :smiley:


This guy’s vehicle: https://www.mapillary.com/map/im/gMFlli3pqkxgUHcUZ5Nqjg


I just passed when an apple tree has been shaked that the apples fell down. :smile:



Strange, I only see a man on a stair, not a machine. How can he have such an impact ?


On the previous image you can see a tractor with a winch. That would be too strong for one person :smile:


Me on a Google Maps photo.
This is not a mise en scène.
I did not do it, it was not me.


Wait, how fast can I go???



I remember this scene. The flashing blue lights at the left are behind a pizza delivery driver (which you can’t tell in the picture). I don’t think it got there in 30 minutes or less…



You’re trapped!


I do not understand the joke. Was it 1 april ?
If you want to see what it means to drive with blue lights =


The Dominos Pizza chain used to be well - known for advertising that your order would be delivered in 30 minutes or less, or it would be free.

(They dropped that ad campaign a long time ago.)


Even the cows deserve their privacy: :laughing:


a giant bee about to attack two unsuspecting pedestrians:

(or a normal sized bee thats about to be introduced to my windscreen)


And Mapillary’s image detection identified it as a street light :smiley:


Small car abandoned. It’s the dark reddish thing in the lower right quadrant.



Suddenly…abandoned grain silos, from someone’s farm.



I hate to be that guy who doesn’t know what it is yet insists on what it’s not, I’m not so sure those are silos for grain nor corn. There isn’t any land around there for growing that stuff. I get it that they’re not big and there wouldn’t be much land but still, that would seem odd.

I’d love to know how wrong I am at my guessing. Maybe at some point some worked their butt off to try to grow corn in those hollers. I don’t think wheat or similar crops would survive all the rain.

Maybe a moonshiner? :slight_smile:


Corn silos is certainly a possibility, since that is grown in Georgia. I didn’t stop to see if there were any remnants of anything in them.

Eh, I’m not sure about moonshiners. I just don’t see a 'shiner needing silos. There are several farms a little bit to the southeast, and it does seem that there were farms here, too, at some point.