Duplicates and photo-dot way ahead of where it was taken

Post here, so that others can hitch their observations to this post; this is no criticism of a contributor, merely alerting Mapillary to what looks like a one-off fluke in processing, and inviting others to share similar occurrences. Spotted a similar post where a Command Line uploader experienced duplicates, but didn’t see any ‘running ahead of themselves’ posts, hence a new one.

Looking for recent photos to show surface isn’t gravel at a particular spot, and know the area fairly well, as I’m a resident of the town; spotted
1/ Mapillary and neighbouring photo spheres show a few dozen duplicates, which ought to have been discarded, but are linked to photo dots progressing along the road - that road, to a local, was indeed travelled, but then
2/ photosphere Mapillary (shown over a motorway) was taken at the railway lines, much closer to those duplicated traffic light photos .
3/ earlier in the sequence, Mapillary was taken at the intersection of Lange Lozanastraat and Van Schoonbekestraat. working backwards,
4/ Mapillary is one of many standing at the traffic lights, crossing the Koningin Elisabethlei near the Grote Steenweg.

In summing up :
a/ the first sequence of that day seems to have been misprocessed, duplicates at traffic lights are shown strewn out along the path that was followed,
b/ can see that the track of photo-dots is correct, just that the photos are placed too far ahead.
c/ this corrected itself eventually, as in the second sequence
d/ Mapillary is indeed below the new cycle bridge.
e/ have looked at sequences taken on other days, they are usually almost perfectly placed, even Mapillary - where the contributor emerges from an underpass - the ‘dead-reckoning’ was quickly corrected.

Looking forward,