Unable to upload images - How can I do it?

I have been trying to upload images, but it doesn’t work, I am new at this, but it seems that the app is rejecting the images.
What can I do?
Thanks a lot in advance

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I find it unfortunate that you don’t know the environment in which the uploader works properly.
I have uploaded a huge number of photos so far. But the latest uploaders don’t work properly in my environment.

I think the latest uploader is a failure.
First of all, there are many cases where uploading is not possible.
And the double upload check function, which should have been rigorously checked for over a year, is not working.

In the comments below, I’ve shown a screen capture of how Desktop uploader works in my environment.


I want you to try uploading again after a working proper uploader is released.

The next version of Mapillary Uploader is now available.
That version seems to work pretty well. Please use it.