Trackable photo receipt after upload

This is a suggestion – hopefully easy to implement - which would significantly enhance workflow.

After uploading an individual photo to Mapillary, the user should have the ability to write notes in a free text box and then request an email with a unique identifier which would allow anyone with this identifier (not just the taker of the photo) to obtain the photo image_key once the photo has been processed and validated. The text notes, should not be stored by Mapillary. They are just for the mapper.

This would be the enhanced workflow:

  1. A mapper, goes to a fountain,monument, storefront, etc and snaps a picture.
  2. He/she uploads the picture to Mapillary.
  3. Button for option to receive email receipt is pushed
  4. Mapper enters text in free text box : e.g. OSM node XXXYYY, fountain in Marseille near bistrot,
  5. Email received with link and free text
  6. Link when clicked before processing … response is not available.
  7. Link after processing … response is the image_key.
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Hi Stuart,

About the “note”, this feature already exist in Mapillary, and I really encourage you to use it.
(Gasp, I have to create a ticket to Mapillary Support. I can’t add picture here)

About comments, comments as “the fountain is near the pub” should be definitively public. This can help other people to analyse the picture.

About, your use case do you need this to be implemented in the mobile app and/or Mapillary website?

Hi Binette,

The important feature enhancement is for the mobile app at the time the picture is uploaded for processing. This allows a mapper to take a picture and to attach a note to help figure out post-facto which OSM node/way the photo corresponds to. In addition, if the photo taker wants to send the link of the photo taken to someone else (who will do the OSM editing), he/she can forward on the email.

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One picture is not good at all.

Not good at all means inferior, poor quality or worthless information?

Individual pictures might be a useful supplement to photo series … and can form as part of a collection of photos with the same subject a coherent series of its own.

Building user engagement and the use of Mapillary photos on other platforms like OSM seems worthwhile. This workflow enhancement would make it easier for users like me to link individual Mapillary photos to OSM nodes and ways.

Then again, you might be right and these photos don’t belong in the Mapillary eco-system …

I do not find an EuropeanWater amongst the Mapillary contributors.
I am
It is so much easier if we know who we are talking.

I cannot convince the Flemish mappers to make pictures of defibrillators however irresponsible, dangerous and stupid that is.


I work on a project to combat single-use plastic by mapping places individuals can refill their reusable water bottle. and our facebook page is

We are exploring ways to enhance the workflow to make images available on our web application.

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For those without experience =
It may be hard to map from one picture.
But if the fountain is already exactly mapped, one picture is very useful.
Nevertheless it is sometimes hard or impossible to find a picture where the fountain is well distinguishable and its position is obvious.

Hi fillpc,

The rationale for this feature request is to develop an enhanced workflow - especially for neophytes like myself - for taking individual photos of fountains which already have an OSM node or way and then being able to submit them to Mapillary with traceability for post-facto OSM inclusion.

Also, for the phase 2 of our project, we will be adding cafés, bars, and clubs which offer free water bottle refill. Mapillary, could also be a good medium for storing photos of storefronts which participate in a refill network (ours, or any other one).

Best regards,