Introducing Mapillary to the StreetComplete app

I thought about suggesting the StreetComplete dev to introduce the Mapillary project to it. StreetComplete is an app that makes it easy to add simple details of existing objects in OpenStreetMap. For example, number of levels on a building, surface of a road, opening hours of a shop.

I thought it would be great to add a task for buildings, entrances, shop windows, sculptures, fountains, and features like that, to take a representative photo, automatically upload to Mapillary, get the key, and then add the mapillary=* tag to the Openstreetmap object. I think that would be great for both projects, but I thought I would suggest it here first, to see if Mapillary people think this is an ok idea, and if it aligns with your project.


I think it would be good to have mapillary illustration, but uploading all photos from street complete doesn’t seem like it would always work - sometimes it’s close up, dark etc, and people are not aware of what sort of images are most useful on mapillary.
their current option with self hosting works fine

I suggested an idea here awhile back:

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