Mapillary now in OsmAnd 2.7

Mappillary now available within OsmAnd 2.7

Mapillary plugin
We’re proud to have collaborated with Mapillary for the new release.
Now you can view the street-level imagery in your location or anywhere
in the world using the Mapillary plugin in OsmAnd.


Can this plugin also be used offline as I did with the ‘old’ approach in OsmAnd (loading the mapillary tiles at home wifi by browsing the map for the area of a new trip)?

It is alwsome and I think it is much faster than both Mapillarys app and the web interface.

It surely caches tiles. If you open the “Configure map” menu, and press on “Mapillary”, a configuration pages opens, offering the option to reload tiles with fresh data.

I am still in version 2.6.5.

OK now, I don’t know how.

Once again, it took some time for the plugin to work. Or was it me ?

Great, they do not scrape our names from the pictures.

I discovered that in OSMAND the current track can have another colour than past tracks.
So I don’t have to wait two weeks to revisit a place. I should place a screenshot on facebook. Every day without rain, I conquer another hamlet. That is what the summer is for.

How did we do it in the old days ?

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Can anyone recommend a map source in osmand ? I am on bike and have to zoom in and out too often to find small roads and to see where I am.
So, which one offers more detail at lower ? zoom levels ?

I simply use the default ‘offline vector maps’ . Dependent on the chosen profile (‘car’, ‘bike’, ‘pedestrian’, etc.) adjustments for ‘details’, ‘hide’, ‘routes’ are changed as configured. So I have ticked all items in ‘details’ and nothing in ‘hide’. for maximum info.

Generally it appears you are on the safe side when selecting ‘pedestrian’ as profile in all use cases. Since e.g. ‘paths’ (tagged as non suitable for cars) are not shown in ‘car’ profile. No matter if ‘most detail’ and maximum clutter is selected or not.

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I’ll try that. I did not think about “details” because i thought it had more to do with POIs.

Could it be that the howto articles are not up to date ?
I find no “touring view” in the app.

And how do I see the zoom factor ? By knowing the correspondence with the scale legend ?